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30-Sep-2017 05:57

Jill added: 'Almost every time we go out and start a conversation people assume he's my son.

When people realise we're a couple they often say, "You go girl" and congratulate me.'If I can tell someone's trying to figure out whether we're a couple I'll slap or squeeze him on the butt or give him a kiss, I think it's funny as hell.'One time in a grocery store someone said 'Your son is being so helpful', I corrected them immediately and said 'Excuse me, but that's my boyfriend.''Eric's parents have now come around to the relationship.

She added: ‘I have always been attracted to older men, but Jay specifically caught my eye.

I had a lot of anxiety and was never that adventurous, but with Eric he makes me feel really comfortable.

Also, before I was never into fashion so he likes to dress me, I love it, it takes the pressure off of me.

‘It was definitely his hair, he has that perfect shade of silver, his eyes are so intense and then he’s so happy and focused.

‘I felt like when I was talking, he was paying full attention to me as a person, he seemed genuine as soon as I met him and I knew I wanted to see a lot more of him.

Instead of taking offence, the couple try to show others how ‘happy and healthy’ their relationship is and prove that ‘age is just a number’.

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