Colt 1911 serial number dating

01-Jul-2017 15:39

Also in the retailers sales ad were two additional pictures, one showing a period 19 A&F catalog on page 278 showing a similar holster, with an opposite page 279 text description for a 120 mm barrel 30 Cal commercial, right side belt-loop Luger holster and a second 1905 A&F catalog picture on page 180 showing an old model 30 Cal Luger with a text description for the pictured Luger and a text description only for a Cal 9 mm Luger. The seller, although giving no explanation for the additional pictures in the ad, seems to be attempting to link the variation 1 holster, time-wise, to the 19 A&F No.7 right side belt-loop holster ad, and more importantly attempting to link the 1902 AE Cal 9 mm Fat Barrel with the 1905 A&F Cal 9mm Luger text description, thereby attempting to associate or imply the ad is describing the late old model Cal 9mm Fat Barrel Luger.The assumption or assertion being that the new model 30 Cal and 9mm Lugers werent introduced, at least in sales catalogs, until 1906 or possibly later, which is true. The third, which is a very fine example, is the same style as the catalog pictured No. 9 text description, there is no other catalog holster description for this medium size, heavy russet leather variation.The Letter of Authenticity states that the holster should stay with the pistol as they may have been purchased together.

This Luger is, with the exception of very minor wear ageing and a tiny chip on the lower front tip of the grip panel, in the same condition as it left the DWM factory in the 1902-1905 period. The parts that were originally numbered are matching serial numbers.

The magazine is the correct wood bottom stamped 'Cal. Approximately 600-700 of this model were produced in the 22,000-23,000 serial number range.