Laguna hills utility company liquidating trust

08-Nov-2017 04:30

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The payment for a biweekly mortgage is half what a monthly payment would be.

A loan to "bridge" the gap between the termination of one mortgage and the beginning of another, such as when a borrower purchases a new home before receiving cash proceeds from the sale of a prior home. Where the buyer pays additional discount points or makes a substantial down payment in return for a below market interest rate; or the seller offers 3-2-1 interest payment plans or pays closing costs such as the origination fee.

A variable or flexible rate mortgage with an interest rate that varies according to the financial index it is based upon.

To limit the borrower's risk, the ARM may have a payment or rate cap. The liquidation of a debt by regular, usually monthly, installments of principal and interest.

Disclosure of APR is required by the Truth-in-Lending Law and allows borrowers to compare the actual costs of different mortgage loans.

An estimate of a property's value as of a given date, determined by a qualified professional appraiser.

If the property is located in a SFHA area, the borrower must obtain and maintain flood insurance on the property.

Most insurance agents can assist in obtaining flood insurance.

An agreement between a buyer and a seller, requiring lender approval, where the buyer takes over the payments for a mortgage and accepts the liability.A loan requiring payments of principal and interest at two-week intervals.This type of loan amortizes much faster than monthly payment loans.FHA loans may be high loan-to-value, and they are limited by loan amount.

FHA mortgage insurance requires a fee of 1.5 percent of the loan amount to be paid at closing, as well as an annual fee of 0.5 percent of the loan amount added to each monthly payment.A mortgage loan that is not insured, guaranteed or funded by the Veterans Administration (VA), the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Rural Economic Community Development (RECD) (formerly Farmers Home Administration).

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