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To learn more about Cameron Cave click on Cameron Cave on the left margin.

Just steps away from our Visitor’s Center is Sticks, Stones and Bones where kids can pan in our sluice for semi-precious stones and dig for fossils.

You’ll also find gifts for your home and for the wine connoisseur.

If, as they say, the past is another country–I know one of the ways to get there… Of course, in my Traitor Son series, the Wild is a character.

We are located approximately one mile south of Hannibal on scenic Highway 79.

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Kings and princes knew full well that getting several hundred dangerous men in armour together could lead to ill-feeling and violence. Tournaments also have rules, and men who administer the rules–Marshals and Constables and Heralds. Some of that is about out-dated concepts of birth and nobility–but no one wanted to let an incompetent fighter into the lists, either–not then, and not now. But I enjoyed writing the scene, the details, the planning, all so one character could face another in a climactic fight.

But it was too much work for me and my friends who maintain websites for me to be two people, so we’re moving to just one. People who want to talk to me should come and talk on the Agora on this site–there’s now topics for fantasy and for the way history and fantasy relate. I love fantasy, and have since my mum read me the Hobbit at age five.

Second, I do actually like to say things, and Fantasy, like Sci-Fi, is a genre the is also a bully pulpit.

One of the blinding realizations of my early writing (maybe not blinding to you, fair reader) was that, for those who’ve never known bug nets and deet and gortex, the past wasn’t ‘uncomfortable.’ People simply endured. And by spending a week or more ‘in their skin’ I get a sense of a different rhythm, a different world, really–a world where the weather matters more than anything except the quantity of food; where one sip of rum is more wonderful than a whole liquor cabinet at home; where the quiet conversation of friends or the loud singing of songs is all the ‘entertainment’ there is, and it is wonderful.

After I visit the Wild one more time, and see what it has to tell me. ok, pedantic mode off.) One I’ve wanted to play with from the first day of writing this was the wonderful adventure of the knight incognito riding into a tournament to save/rescue the princess or win the prize where no one knows who he is. How–and I mean, how, exactly–does the brave knight get to the lists, incognito?If he has a visor, he doesn’t ever raise it to, say, drink water/ if he is wearing a great helm, he’d have to take it off… Ancient Greek philosophers were, by and large, aristocratic gentlemen who had no time whatsoever for the masses or for anything we might now interpret as ‘freedom.’ They believed in highly disciplined societies run on a fuel of excellence, and their world views, fascinating as they are and sometimes even practical, would not fit with either Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative.