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On the contrary, this is the best one for me,I rewatch it for 3 times.The writer tried best to let us easily catch the plot by flashing back the scene or explaining it in detail, I love it , thanks a lot ! All the main actors here not acting as good as their previous dramas .

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msj was a very good character made almost perfect by kkw .... And secondly, about SJ and Mari, they both wanted children and the ploy of her being pregnant was to keep the marriage afloat after JW came back ....

Yu In-Young should be given more challenging roles in future...she's pretty, but most of her roles are similar so I always see the same expression.

Lee Won-Jong is so funny and Jeon Kuk-Hwan really frightened me..done.

Its like they give all the good clothes to Ji Won & Ji Soo and left the most hideous looking clothes to Seu Wan lol.

I wish they keep her Thailand hair as she looked really good with that hair. thank you for this breathtaking drama Started watching Goodbye Mr.I always wondered and confused why people like him before haha), Kim Kang Woo, Moon Chae Won, and Yoo In Young were pretty much excellent in their respective roles. story wise, direction, very good acting of all characters and how the story unfolds are all perfect! The story here is he has money but he didn't seek proper treatment .waited to die and revenge without a good outcome..grrrrrr..i wasted my tym watching's like in uncontrollably fond.story..i knew that everyone of us may die but if you have money and fame chances to survive.higher compare to those who don't have .proper advice or any alternative... because i love this drama very much i started to recommend and actually they really love it. Then I followed his other dramas, I sense him a capable actor, he can be fun and serious,deep in his role, also he is good in choosing his project, I am always satisfied with the project he chose... I have a hard time keeping up with all the characters in the show and who belongs to who.