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25-Nov-2017 23:43

Some of these credit card collection agencies threaten to file a criminal case called Republic Act 8484.

As long as you did not fake your identity in your credit card application, be calm.

(I had this happen to me, but not sure if this is correct).

Part B: After this account was Charged-Off, did Bof A sell the debt or did it assign the debt, and how would I know?

This will give you a hard time securing any type of credit or loan in the future as the database is mostly shared by banks.

The best way you to take is to manage and discipline yourself in using your credit cards.

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I want to take the necessary steps to clean up my credit, but there are serious issues that I am having because there was about ,000 of credit card debt that I let go, spread over different credit cards and I don't want to make mistakes tackling this issue.

Without proper credit card usage, it can lead to huge credit card debts eventually having you as slave as you work for the rest of your life just to pay for it.

With a number of credit card bills left unpaid in the Philippines and the threatening practice of credit card debt collection agencies, the big question that leaves the minds of these credit card holders is: The answer to this question is a big NO as the case involved is just a CIVIL CASE called SUM OF MONEY.

3) How would I know when specifically to use the debt-validation tactic?

(as I read your blog on backfiring and I don't want it to backfire on me) 4) Is there a point in disputing an item that is being reported by a collection agency/original creditor, if there is still a balance being reported? ) 5) Part A: Statute of limitations normally is 4 years from last DLA date....should I wait until this expires to try to delete the item or would it not matter?About Michael Bovee Michael started CRN in 2004 with a mission to provide people in need with detailed debt and credit help and education.