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In many cases, the strength and validity of population statistics depend on when and from where the data was collected, both of which should be clearly cited in the population reporting template.

Population figures must track new arrivals, departures, births and deaths in order to ensure the population statistics remain accurate and also reflect the continuous registration as required in an emergency.

When a recent (less than two years) and reliable census data is available, consult the national bureau of statistics of the concerned country for baseline population data.

Census data provides a detailed disaggregation of the population by administrative area/locality and according to specific categories – for example, the average number of children per woman or the average household size in a specific administrative area.

The IMIS system contains two types of data: one component contains micro datasets mainly from population censuses and sample surveys; the second contains information in the form of selected indicators at the country level.

The IMIS system will foster wider utilization of and access to information by duty bearers to monitor and report on progress of national initiatives, SDGs, ICPD and other international initiatives.

The Information Manager will need to report on the lowest level of disaggregation available and triangulate population figures for each location.

If updated population statistics were not available to be issued with a report, this should be noted in the report, along with the date for which the figures were valid.

Population statistics provide the basis for efficient and accurate emergency response, and are one of the most important data elements in an emergency.

Reporting these figures in a systematic and standardized manner throughout an emergency is a priority.

The reliability of population data sources will remain dependent on who collected the information, how it was collected, and when and where it was collected.

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For instance, does the population data stand in contrast to other known data or facts about the population? Is it clear where the data came from and is it properly referenced and cited (who, when, how collected)?

When recent census data is lacking, data on the number of households or average household size and related statistics in a given region can be gathered through the following: The Information Manager will need to set and adhere to a known statistical format and frequency of reporting.

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