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As we rapidly approach major milestones for a lot of significant and spectacular shows, we've been preparing something special for you.We'll show you more next week, but as a little preview, we're honoring the characters of with our signature definitive ranking. Join us as we remember and rank 114 characters from the series. Her entire backstory as a Hollywood publicist who doesn’t seem to know much about Hollywood or publicity never made one lick of sense.– Signature Episode: “Two Cathedrals,” the second season finale wherein Bartlet mourns his late secretary and friend, curses at God in Latin, and defiantly tells the world he has multiple sclerosis.It’s bravado work from Sheen, and he sells it at every turn. Credit to Lily Tomlin and the writers for giving Debbie her own unique, but no less special relationship with the President.Her story during the election ends rather heartbreakingly ... during “The Cold,” when she takes the fall for the campaign’s problems.She sacrifices herself for the right reasons – namely, that she believes Vinick needs to pull right to win – which makes his eventual loss without her all the harder.33. J.’s Pulitzer-winning press paramour who proved to be the most delightful thorn in her side.35.He’s remembered as one of the greatest fictional presidents, and deservedly so.We dream of a real commander in chief who was half the president Bartlet was.

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She’s the perfect foil for Leo: determined while he’s easygoing, cutting through his molasses-slow storytelling to get to the point." is told, a little bit, through Gina's keen eyes as she spots the shooters, not quickly enough, who give us our first-season cliffhanger. But that’s why Sheila, played subtly and expertly by Patricia Richardson, stands out.