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13-Oct-2017 20:20

The bursts lasted as little as 30 microseconds each, a duration that points to a neutron star — the collapsed core of a massive star — as their origin.

Other properties of the burst show that the source is embedded in a strong magnetic field.

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Inga Peter of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and her colleagues analysed gene sequences in more than 2,000 people with Crohn’s disease and 3,600 individuals without the condition, all of whom were of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.The team found a link between Crohn’s disease and a particular DNA sequence in a gene called LRRK2.The variant DNA causes the LRRK2 protein to become more active than the typical protein — as does a Parkinson’s disease-associated variant in the same part of the protein.The briefness of the pulse means that scientists can capture the atomic structure of a target before the pulse damages it, the authors say.

A gene associated with Parkinson’s disease might also have a role in a debilitating intestinal disorder.

Molecules of both ethane and ethylene gas diffuse into the channels, but only ethylene stays inside the cavities.