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Kirk dies from was more consistently excellent for much longer), yet I knew many Trekkies who wouldn’t give it the time of day because it had a stationary setting, the main character wasn’t a captain at first, and/or the tone was darker.(Conversely, I find stories, where some fans enjoyed it because it scratched a Picard itch for them.) Some love the Abrams movies for capturing the swashbuckling feeling of the original series (and/or the best Kirk/Spock movies), while others resent a story of science and diplomacy being co-opted into another action tentpole movie.(Photo by Jerod Harris/Wire Image)SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 10: Actor Jimmie Walker (L) and TV Personality Ann Coulter (R) attend the TV Land Icon Awards at The Barker Hanger on April 10, 2016 in Santa Monica, California.

See also the Scott Bakula-led looking nicer than Kirk’s, even though that show took place a century earlier.) We’re introduced to Michael (Fuller loves giving his heroines masculine names) as the long-standing first officer of the , fighting amongst themselves and letting the Federation expand its borders, but a reactionary zealot named T’Kuvma (Chris Obi) has a diabolical plan to restore their glory by getting back to the thing they love most: going to war with other cultures.The visual effects put past shows to shame, but the combat scenes aren’t directed with as much flair as many of the other scenes, and one character gets to protest, “We’re Starfleet. ” There are huge developments at the end of the second hour, and then the third is more or less the pilot for the show that (*), for instance).That kind of long build-up is a bad habit of a lot of current dramas — think how many Netflix shows spend their first few hours on narrative throat-clearing before getting to what the story is — but the good news here is that Fuller and everyone who succeeded him seem to recognize that even serialized episodes need structure, and each hour feels like a unit unto itself, of a type of story you may have seen on a previous (*) Some graphic gore in that sequence and Michael’s use of a Word You Can’t Say On Television — but can say on All Access — cleaves some distance from the all-ages approach the franchise has often taken.Michael’s not biologically a hybrid of two species like Spock, but she was nurtured by both.

She allows her emotions to dictate her actions far more than Spock did, but when she’s being a human calculator or breaking down the logic of a scenario, she’s believable, and especially good in the third episode, when events have made her quieter and more guarded.Lorca has an eye injury (and a reluctance to have it fixed by modern medicine) that forces him to mostly sit in dim rooms, lest you miss the idea that mythos.